Saturday, November 28, 2009

T-Shirt Avatar by Petteri Valtiala

Designed by Petteri Valtiala
20 x 20 px
1 color

Stitched by Sannaliina, 2009
actual size 2 x 2 cm
duration 1 hours

WIP: Mushroom by Ville Konttinen

Thursday, November 26, 2009

WIP: Profile picture

Started a new picture.

size: 29x32
colors: 50

Time used: 2 h

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Domain!

Finally! I managed to get the right DNS stuff to the right place. So is now working!

Stitching has been in a break for a while, because of our flats renovation. But today, I'm going to get a package from Fedex witch includes lots and lots of new colors! So lots and lots of new pictures is needed.

I have made few pictures, but not updated them to here. I hope I have time to do it soon. A mushroom is soon going to show its real side! I made also a small picture (avatar) made by krushing from website (a.k.a. Petteri Valtiala) to Mikkos white t-shirt when I took part of a t-shirt competition.
Idea was to make a print to -web communitys people. My idea was to make all of those persons avatar using stitches. Yep, I now...